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Omnitec Energy Saver

Portero GH Security is committed to helping its customers in energy conservation. Our energy saving range includes a system that enables hotels to achieve up to 60%, saving on their energy outlays. The system can be fully integrated into hotel’s access control system, facilitating total control by the hotel management

The Mi-Fare Energy Saver sports a new slim design and features a new way of operating. Only a MiFare card will operate the energy saver, no other card will enable power to the room.

These energy savers can be connected to smart sockets, appliances and lighting in the guest rooms. By only allowing pre defined sockets and lighting to be activated by staff cards, energy saving is maximised. Guest cards could be configured to allow full access to power ensuring a comfortable stay.

The power off time after the removal of the card can be configured for a delay of up to 30 seconds, allowing time to exit the room before the power is turned off..

We also offer a semi smart energy saver which will only allow power to the room when a Mifare card is inserted. Paper, business cards or any other item will not activate the power. This ensures that all power is switched off when the guest leaves the room.

These energy savers are simple to install, require no configuration and can save you money from the first day of use.

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Omnitec Energy Saver (Omnitec Energy Saver)

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