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Door/Window Magnetic Sensor

Compatible with all ERA Wireless Alarm Systems, this Door/Window Magnetic Sensor can be fitted to an internal or external entrance/ exit.


Ideal for Entry/Exit Points

Anti-Tamper Protection

All Batteries included

Easy to install

Compatible with all ERA Alarm Systems

Additional accessory ideal for many rooms around the home or premises

Compatible with all ERA Wireless Alarm Systems. The Door/Window Magnetic Sensor is an ideal additional accessory to any ERA Alarm System. Ideal for entry and exit points and easy to install door or window contact. Designed in two parts fitted to both the sash and frame of the window or door. Indicates entry has been activated by opening the window or door with the LED light and has anti tamper protection. A two way Door/Window Sensor that can be installed on doors, windows and any other objects that open and close, the sensor transmits signals to the control panel when a magnet mounted near the sensor is moved away. It will also transmit an alert signal to the control panel in case of a low battery.

The tamper protection ensures that sabotage attempts to move the contact will result in alarm activation. Using the sensor on an Entry/Exit route provides protection when the main Entry points are opened. Battery powered with a transmission distance of 80m (open area), the box includes a Door/Window Magnetic Sensor in white, double-sided tape for fixing to the door/windows, battery and installation and operating instructions.

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Door/Window Magnetic Sensor (EMAG)

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