GP35 Frameless Glass Patch Door Closer

The GP.35 Frameless Glass Patch door closer is a size 3-5 and has a reputation for high efficiency cam and ease of opening, which specifiers have come to expect from Rutland Door Closers. Glass Patch door closers have been used in many varied applications globally, ideal for situations like concrete floors where it’s difficult to use the traditional Floor Spring closer due to underfloor heating, cavity or mechanical services etc…

The bottom plate is surface fixed and supplied with all necessary fixings, enhancing the quality, reliability, and design associated with Rutland products.

Available with Stainless Steel cover plates that have spring loaded pegs for speed of fitting. This fitting method is also very useful for maintenance or adjustments which can be made after the door set is completely fitted and swinging.

Glass thickness can vary from 8mm to 12mm due to the necessary fitting packs, spacers and supports that you would expect from a reputable door control supplier.  If you are working with tempered, laminated, double glazed or fire rated glass this is no problem with the GP35, GP2 and TP1 Glass Patch Door Closer capabilities.


Opening Angle



Max Door

Weight 100Kg


Latch Speed


Closing Speed

Max Glass



Max Door

Width 950mm


Power Size


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GP35 Frameless Glass Patch Door Closer (GP35)

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