Pro Workstation Ironing Board

The Minky Pro Workstation ironing board has been designed to make ironing as fast and convenient as possible. The extra wide ironing surface measuring 122 x 43cm is ideal for ironing larger garments plus the large rest can securely hold both conventional and steam generator irons. Equipped with both a hanger rail and a linen rack, there is additional space to store clothes once ironed. The on board electric extension socket offers safety and flexibility when positioning the board and the flex guide prevents the ironing cord from tangling or snagging. The handy addition of a sleeve board ensures sleeves are perfectly ironed every time.

The loop leg design delivers extra strength and stability when in use and the universal height mechanism allows the Proworkstation to be positioned exactly at your preferred working height, up to 94cms. The board is topped with a steam efficient foam backed cover and features a steamflow mesh system for faster crease removal. Minky ironing boards are designed and manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality materials and processes. 5 year guarantee.


  • Hanger Rail - Additional clothes hanging space
  • Electric Extension Socket - Safety and flexibility
  • Flex Guide - prevents iron cord from tangling and snagging
  • Linen Rack - Store folded clothes after ironing
  • Sleeve board included for perfectly ironed sleeves

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Pro Workstation Ironing Board (HH40701060VB)

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