B210 Classic Mailbox - (B210)

This outstanding quality mailbox is made from high grade electrogalvenised steel with a front loading posting slot. Coming with an internal slide to protect mail delivery it offers more security than most post boxes coupled with style and sophistication. The unit also has an embossed top crown along with the traditional mail horn on the front.

  • Weatherproof - no wet mail
  • Unique slide for pushing in mail prevents letters from being damaged
  • Noiseless by using noise-dampening materials
  • Safety lock with 2 coded keys (500 different combinations)
  • Corresponds to POST DIN NORM 32 617
  • Suitable for wall or pole mounting
  • Available in white, black, green, grey and red


Material : Electro-Galvanised Steel
Height : 45.5cm
Width : 40.5cm
Depth : 18.7cm
Volume in Litres : 35
Guarantee : 10 Years
Keys : 2
Locks : Yes

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B210 Classic Mailbox - (B210) (B210)

  • Grant Haze Hampshire
  • Product Code:B210

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